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Thank you for giving us an opportunity to talk with you about accounting services and how we bill. It is important that our clients understand how we will bill them. Each CPA firm handles fees differently, and many clients may not use other professional advisors who bill based upon time. Our rates, fees, and billing policies are outlined below.

Basics:  Each staff member maintains accurate time records, and clients are billed based upon actual time spent on their behalf. Our time and expertise are our only sources of revenue. We do not sell any products and we do not accept contingent or referral fees under any circumstances. Basic overhead costs are included in the hourly rates. Anything spent specifically on behalf of a client is charged to them. Examples are travel, excess postage, copies, and long distance telephone calls. We also have a flat software charge for all tax returns we prepare.

Hourly Rate:  A standard hourly rate is set for staff members based upon their experience and ability. If no extenuating circumstances exist, clients are billed using the standard rates multiplied by the actual time worked.

Hourly rates vary substantially among staff members -- currently from a low of $90 to a high of $200. Projects are assigned to consider both expertise and billing rate so that the work can be done in the most time efficient manner possible while still maintaining a high standard of quality.

Billing, Payment & Interest:  Generally, invoices are presented at the time the work is completed and are due and payable at that time. If our work spans more than one billing period, you will receive a progress billing for charges incurred. These amounts are due and payable upon presentation. Amounts unpaid 30 days after the date of billing will incur interest at 12% compounded monthly. We consider our invoices to be a valuable form of communication to advise our clients about the services that have been provided and the fees and costs incurred to date. If there are questions about the invoices presented, we expect to be contacted immediately so that any uncertainties can be resolved.

Telephone Calls and E-Mail:  Telephone calls and e-mail are treated the same as any other time spent on a client’s behalf. If matters related to client business are discussed, the time is billed to the client.

Due to the extensive amount of consulting work done by our firm, conducting business by telephone and e-mail consumes a substantial amount of our time. The telephone and computer can be effective, timesaving devices, and we make maximum use of them. We encourage our clients to call or email us with questions.

An important part of our service is ensuring that you have a reasonable expectation of how our charges to you will be calculated. If you would like additional information, now or in the future, please call us.