Seattle CPA, Federal Way CPA

Seattle: 253.838.2936
Tacoma: 253.927.1774

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give a free first visit?
No. Free advice is pretty much worth what you pay for it...and we feel our advice is valuable. We do however, validate parking.

Do you charge for phone calls and emails?
Yup. All we have to sell is our time and expertise and, actually, phone calls and emails are the most efficient (read that cheapest) way for us to help you.

I looked at your billing information. Wow, your billing rates seem really high.
No, not really. We all have college accounting degrees, CPAs, annual continuing education, experience, expertise and the latest software and technology. We are worth our billing rates.

Do you have evening appointments?
No. Sometimes Saturdays during tax season, though, but only under duress. Monna lives in Seattle so meeting downtown during the workday is always an option.

Do you perform audits?
No. We do reviews and compilations for our favorite clients, though.

I just want some help with my QuickBooks. Will you do that?
Sure. We do that a lot.

Is there any other software you could help me with?

Have you used the online version of QuickBooks?
Yup. In a lot of cases, there can be some real benefits.

How do you feel about technology?
We are pro. Really.

Do you prepare payroll reports and monthly excise reports?
Our first choice is to teach our clients to prepare their own reports. In the long run, it is often less expensive for them and almost always allows them better understanding and control of their business. We are available for emergencies or temporary help. We are always available to answer questions or look over your shoulder before the reports are filed. If our first choice is not YOUR first choice, then we will help find a solution that works for you.

Can you help me file and pay my business/payroll taxes online?
Yes. Even Monna is now filing and paying online. If she can do it, we can help anyone.

But, I don't want to file online.
Tough. No one has a choice anymore.

Yikes, I am being audited. Can you help me?
Sure. We have represented many clients being audited by the IRS or the State of Washington. It's nothing to worry about, simply a part of being in business. The ugly part.

Do you recommend investments?
No. CPA's ARE allowed to recommend investments and earn a fee if their clients buy them. In the real world, that is called commissions...but I feel that is a conflict of interest and we don't. We limit our practice to accounting... We can help you determine how much money you need for your life goals, discuss with you an appropriate asset allocation strategy and measure how your investments are performing against market benchmarks.

I am worried about confidentiality and the security of my information. What do you do to protect my data?
We worry about that too and try to be very very careful. We do not keep your original documents; we return them when we are finished with our work. Other than copies kept in our files, anything with client information is shredded when our work is completed. No copies of tax returns or other client information is released to anyone other than the client without written consent. We are also very very concerned about the security of our electronic data. We have an experienced IT expert who monitors our computer security and we regularly back up our data and maintain offsite storage of backups.