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So here was the question: If vocation is a calling, based on your years in your vocation, what one thing would you want people to know?


RN     (Elder law lawyer)    You should live your life looking forward to celebrating your 105th birthday.

AT     (PI lawyer)                Worry about getting well first and foremost; worry about the money later.

LM     (CPA)                       It doesn't matter how much tax you pay. What matters is what you have left to spend.

JD     (Entrepreneur)             No matter what you do, customer service is always the most important factor for success.

JB     (Entrepreneur)             Only you can make yourself fail.

LB     (IT Professional)         Never open attachments.

KS     (Law Enforcement)     There is always another side to the story.

AB     (Restaurant Server)     Servers are people too.

DH     (Commercial Banker)  Develop a relationship with a banker before you need it.